The foundation of the services that 3EYES provide is built on a reputation for building excellence. Having accumulated a considerable amount of experience in the building industry over the years has enabled the company to expand its capabilities. In 2019, 3EYES residential building and commercial construction division will be able to include additional services such as architectural design, interior design, artistic design of interior furnishings, site management, subdivision development, material consultation and after sales service to their current services to their clients.

3EYES is in the position to provide a variety of price to product mix. The different prices lie in design style and construction with material selection and application variables. Dependent on the design approach from a simple and economy focus style to a full-blown luxurious, high-end style, 3EYES expanded services can fulfill the clients’ bold vision.

For most people, the building process can be an intimidating experience. 3EYES professional construction team can optimize the building service and confirms your choice that your toughest construction challenges such as tackling set milestones and maximizing the full potential of the most modest budgets. Regardless of the different building model, 3EYES quality service remains constant. With price satisfaction, 3EYES remains the clients’ best choice.



Architecture, Construction, Main Contract, Construction Management, Carpentry, Foundation Construction, Alteration & Addition


Commercial Decoration Design & Construction

Commercial Space, Hotel, AIRB&B, Retail Outlet, Restaurant & Café, Office & Workspace


Interior Design & Renovation

Villa, House, Apartment, Old House Renew, Extension and Renovation.


Landscape Design and Construction

Villa, House, Garden and Couryard.


Furnishing and Soft Outfit


Exhibition Space