The company’s experience gained over the years resulted in an intuitive approach to the construction process.

Since the company’s inception in 2011, it soon became one of the most desirable construction company in New Zealand. Its reputation as a stable, reliable company with a highly credentialed professional management team has enabled them to deliver a diverse range of building projects.


As builders we respect the needs of the people who will use the buildings we carefully build.

With a dedicated team of 45 employees 3EYES has the capacity to engaged in a diverse range of construction projects. They include, subdivisions and multiple residential development and high spec prestige apartments.
In addition some of the projects extends to other services involving interior fitouts, commercial construction, development projects and site management.

There is a sense of maturity and an inference based on continuity and coherence from one project to the next.

All 3EYES projects could not be realized without the experience and capacity of the company’s stable construction work force. Together with a lean, linear management team and a strong leadership structure that is attributed to a deliberate and direct communication system. To keep up with their competitive edge the company continually investigate speedy and efficient work systems in dealing with critical matters that results in minimal disruptions.

From a client perspective, it needs to be immediately evident that positive results are borne out of the effective delegation and execution of tasks and responsibilites across the different levels of stages of the project.

There would be times where the company is required to extend the capacity to meet expectations. 3EYES enlists companies, that has attained a track record with specialist credentials such as skilled tradesmen, technical consultants who later become stakeholders and part of 3EYE’s seamless internal communication network.

The 3EYE’s leadership model is regularly reviewed. Being cognizant of the importance in introducing new technologies and methodologies, the group
continually new management systems to minimize stagnation and duplication.